5 Tips To Improve The Signal Of Your Wifi

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1. Control applications that hijack the entire band
Downloading programs, such as BitTorrent, online games or streaming video,
can greatly compromise the signal of your WiFi network. If multiple people
share the same network in your home, it is possible that a machine is consuming
most of the bandwidth and limiting the use for other computers.
To solve this problem, you can use a tool present in almost all WiFi routers,
which is QoS (Quality of Service or simply Quality of Service). What QoS does
is prioritize the transfer of data by protocols, that is, you can put video calls in
front of Torrent or, if you want, you can completely block some program.
2. Increase your WiFi signal with home-made tricks
If none of the above worked, you can try to modify the antenna of your Laptop
or router. There are several simple ways to amplify the signal from your WiFi
network. You can simply buy a newer, more powerful antenna or follow this
TecMundo tip and amplify the signal from your network using a cake form.
We have already done that and we make sure it works.

3. Increase the signal strength of your router by hacking the device.
Maybe hacking is an overstated term, since you will simply reinstall a new
firmware on the router. The firmware is like the operating system of the
equipment, controlling all its functions.
There is a configuration that usually solves many of the signal problems, which
is the increase of the power of the antennas. Unfortunately, few routers bring
this option to the factory because it can damage the machine, as the signal
strength increases in exchange for overloading some components. If you have tried
everything and you did not succeed, why not try this modification?
There are modified firmware that can transform your old equipment into a real
machine full of modern features, including the possibility to amplify the power
of the antennas and other modifications. The best known are DD-WRT and
Open-WRT. Although the installation of these systems is a bit complicated, in
the end the process ends up being worth it.
4. Turn your old router into a signal repeater
If some room in your home can not receive signal properly, you can put an old
router in the middle of the path to amplify the range of the network.
Unfortunately, not all routers have this factory function.

The good news is that almost any common router can be a signal repeater. To
do this, you can install DD-WRT, as mentioned previously. After modifying the
device, simply set up the device so that it retransmits the signal from the first
5. Program your router so that it restarts sporadically
Often the router may hang because of the warming up. To restore the "sanity" of
the device, you can reset it from time to time manually. That's another
advantage of our friend DD-WRT. With it, you can have your router restart
every night, for example. This is very handy if it stays in a hard to reach location.

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